First of all Vick doesn’t deserve to be in the league and someone should have put him down long ago.
Secondly, Tom Brady doesn’t know one thing about being humble.   Review his cocky remarks in response to Plaxico Burress before he got owned by the Giants.
Each of these teams are playoff teams without their quarterbacks.
With that in mind, if the choice is a Lugz Brady vs. Thugz Vick, then it’s Brady hands down, because he’s just a bit fruity and not a piece of motherless garbage.


~ by meattuperello on December 24, 2010.

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  1. How bout you go fuck urself. easy to talk shit when vick ain’t there but i guarentee if he was he’d kick ur ass you fucking loser. Vick fouhgt dogs not murdered people. You worthless piece of shit. people like you we need to rid the world of. Mad because michael vick can actually come out of prison and play better then he did before he went in? that’s my opinion on ur fucking mouth.

    • Fuck Mike Vick. Put him in front of me and I’ll tell him exactly what I think of him. Then if he hit me a) I’d beat his ass and b) he would be adding me as a creditor to his dumb ass bankruptcy case.

      The piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL, and he will fuck up and be back in prison before too long anyway.

  2. by the way FUCK TOM BRADY!!!


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